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Auckland Investment Office project

Feb 12, 2014

Cranleigh recently completed a project for the Auckland Council to develop the requirements for an Auckland Investment Office (“AIO”). The task was to design a small, but highly effective, Council capability that could deliver a step change in the funding and speed of implementation of major infrastructure projects within the Auckland Plan while, more generally, ensuring Auckland develops an internationally attractive investment environment.

The AIO was designed to respond to a number of critical investment related issues faced by Auckland. These included a lack of clarify around the Auckland investment story and the absence of a pipeline of major investment opportunities that are clearly defined and ‘investment ready’. The absence of a lead agency for infrastructure investment in Auckland who could effectively co-ordinate investor activity across the Council environment and other government agencies was also a key issue.

The AIO is currently in the process of being established by Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development Limited on behalf of the Auckland Council and is expected to be operational in the early part of 2014.

“Interestingly, the major investment challenges faced by Auckland are not at all dissimilar to those confronting Wellington and Christchurch” says Nicholas Bain, one of the lead advisors for Cranleigh on the project. “While a regional approach is a step in the right direction, the opportunity is to ensure that nationally the major cities are working together in a co-ordinated manner around major investor opportunities”.

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